You Must Read Our Refund Policy To Avoid Any Misunderstanding

Since Amazon requires several efforts to approve a category, we provide an approval assurance. We currently have a 110% success rate until our commitment is completed. If you are not accepted for any reason, we will pursue a full refund for the portion of service we were unable to provide. You agree to allow our team to work on your account for 60 days from the date of service purchase in order to complete the ungating procedure with full approval.

Once the case for ungating access is opened and submitted to Amazon’s approval team, the complete sum of the ungating package selected by the client will be paid. Client agrees to the refund policies outlined below:

If the customer manually requests a refund before the 60-day working period, a 30 percent early termination fee will be applied to cover staff time and costs while working on the client’s case. If the client is unable to obtain complete approval for the chosen package by the 60th day after placing the transaction, he or she is entitled to a full refund.

Circumstances Under Which Payment Will Not Be Refunded After Ungating Services Have Been Verified

Read out thoroughly these points:


If your Amazon account’s health or metrics are the reason for your refusal and/or inability to submit an application, we will not issue a refund. We have no control over your Amazon seller’s account stats, so please review them before purchasing for our service.

If the client suddenly discovers after purchasing our service that you are already approved/ungated for the category for which you needed assistance, We will not issue refunds for purchased services

If we commence the ungating permission procedure, and you confront the communication threads between us and Amazon, we will not issue a refund.

We will not refund or ungate another category in place of a category service that was purchased. Please verify the exact service you need prior to purchasing our services. You can also contact one of our team members, if you have any confusion.

Also, our company will also neither refund nor ungate another category in place of a purchased category service. Before purchasing our services, please ensure the specific service you desire. If you have any further queries, please contact one of our staff.

If we have provided services to you, and you have not communicated with us (by messenger or email) within 7 days, we will consider this operation a success. Our company’s goal is to work with all clients at all times during the operation, from start to completion. Responding to us weeks later and claiming that there were problems with your application will not be accepted. As you would from us regarding our service, we anticipate appropriate response times from our clients. No refunds will be given in such cases due to the client’s lack of contact. We cannot continue to support the client unless both parties communicate effectively.


Please bear in mind that if you purchase one of our category ungating bungle packages, you will be refunded for any categories that Amazon doesn’t ungated


Read Following For Better Understanding

You purchased Topicals, Groceries, and Toys. We were able to ungate Grocery and Topicals, but not toys. We would begin a “partial” refund for the toys only  at that time because we were unable to ungated the toys’ category.

If you bought a category for the US marketplace and then decided to get approval for the UK marketplace instead, you would not be able to do so. Please double-check the specific service and marketplace you require before subscribing to our services.

We will seek particular Amazon seller account details during the approval process in order to aid you in receiving suitable approval. It is assumed that the client will give accurate information. Furthermore, unless reviewed by our team, this information should not change during the application process. Due to policy violations, no refunds will be provided if you do not follow our instructions. We require accurate information from each client in order to provide quick assistance.

Also, services will not be held liable or refunded for the supply of our services if Amazon changes their “category directory structure layout” or determines that your recent category clearance (with which we collaborated) has been cancelled. This includes, but is not limited to, account suspensions, ASIN issues, brand and category gated issues, inattentive seller account administration, and a lack of or no sales activity in that specific category after approval. We have no influence over Amazon or an Amazon seller’s account once it has been approved by our team following the purchase of our services.